Thursday, 12 August 2010

Patronal Day 2010

Images from the Patronal Day Mass, held at St Theresa's on Thursday 12 August 2010.

During term three student's have been involved in making projects/drama/music as part of the Religious Education Fair. These were all judged during last week and at the end of Mass the following were awarded with certificates and prizes for their efforts:

Year 7 Awards:

Poster: Harrison Roderique; Illustrated Passage: Kate Nally; 3D Display: Charlotte Frampton and Brittany Prentice and Laura Tolmacheva. Drama: Jean-Martin Fabre, Liam van Eden, Jack Baird, Kyle Brown and Andrew Reid.

Year 8 Awards:

Poster: Alasdair O'Reilly; Illustrated Passage: Andrew Miles; 3D-Display: Meg Kelly and Hannah Lieshout.

Year 9 Awards:

Poster: Oliver McLean; 3D Display: Brenna O'Neil and Tanisha Morgan-Wohlers; 9/10 Music: Gabe and Josef Winders; 9 Written Research: Clarissa Koroiadi.

Year 10 Awards:

Poster: Jayden Crooks; 3D Display: Katherine Edwards and Hannah Grindlay, Eilish Duggan and Melissa Webb; Illustrated Passage: Kelsi Ridden; Technology: Sarah Hughes; Music: Ben Simpson and Sammy Seau; Written Research: Taylor LeBreton.

Well done to all the above students.