Friday, 20 November 2009

Year 8 Volleyball Team

Congratulations to Geroge Lodge, Nat O'Neill, Henry More, Emily Grace, Kayla Duggan, Zac Jackson-Barnes, Samuel Rillstone, Tomas Adams and Jacinta Farrelly who were all members of the year 8 Volleyball team that came first in the Southland competition. Many thanks to Logan Simpson who coached them this year.

New Year 9 Dean

Mr Bryce Hansen is adjusting to the new dean's role he will hold in 2010. He is the only new dean to be appointed this year and takes the vacancy created by the retirement of Mrs Chris Kiddey. The other deans positions are as follows:
Yr 7 &8 Mr John Smith, Yr 10 Mr John Baird, Yr 11 Mr Alan Menzies, Yr 12 Mr Richard Haveron and Yr 13 Mrs Kathryn Miles

8HY Perform with Passion

Students from 8HY performed Bad Jelly the Witch as part of the end of year assessment program for junior Drama. Class teacher, Mrs More, invited Mr Olsen and Mrs Connolly to view the performance and give feedback. It was pleasing that all the students in the class took part in the drama. Both guests complimented the students on their efforts and were impressed with the overall quality of our students' acting skills.

Pavilion exterior remodel

Builders have made progress on the re-cladding of the exterior of the Marist pavilion. The side wall and sills have needed weather proofing after the ravages of winter. This will give a first class facility in time for the opening of the cricket nets.

Cricket nets take shape

Mr Peter Sims and Mr Colin Kid have been hard at work connecting the framework for the new cricket nets. It is hoped that the news will be completed before the end of the school year.

Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Verdon Represented at the Hockey International

Last week Southland Hockey hosted the International World Cup qualifying tournament in Invercargill. We had five students selected to represent the school as Ball Attendants at this tournament. This is a rare honour. The students involved were Aidan O’Neill, Jacob Kirby, Luke Adamson, Henry More and Andrew Miles and all boys performed very well. Andrew and Luke were chosen for the final and were involved in the presentation of the trophies and medals to the winning teams. The NZ men’s side won the tournament and qualified for the 2010 World Cup. Pictured: Jacob Kirby, Andrew Miles, Luke Adamson, Henry More, Aidan O’Neill (absent)

Friday, 13 November 2009

Prizegiving Images

Blues Assembly Images

New Students Welcomed

The new student orientation day on Friday has been very successful with a barbecue lunch and peer support games lead by our senior students being the highlights. With 100 students enrolled, this Year 7 intake will be the largest for several years. Thank you to the staff and students who have made the day so much fun.

Joint Dux of the College

Allanah Cunningham and Stephanie McRae were awarded joint Dux at Wednesday night’s prizegiving. The full prize list.

Allanah Cunningham is the daughter of Mr Michael Cunningham and Mrs Marie Cunningham. An excellent all round student, Allanah was awarded first in History, English , and Mathematics with Statistics and Modelling. She is an excellent netball player and a senior umpire, a talented actress and debater. In 2010 Allanah will attend Otago University where she will study a double Degree in Law and Humanities.

Stephanie McRae, the daughter of Mrs Anthea McRae and Mr Matt Sillars, was awarded first in Classical Studies and Mathematics with Calculus. Stephanie also studied Chemistry and Biology extramurally at Massey University this year. Throughout this year Stephanie has been an active member of the library committee and an enthusiastic member of the school triathlon team. In 2010 Stephanie will study Electrical Engineering at the University of Canterbury.

Gateway 2009

On Thursday evening, Michelle McCuin hosted the Gateway end of year function in the Marist Pavilion. Students, Parents and Gateway providers gathered to celebrate the years achievements.

A huge thanks to all of our business partners for your support and commitment to making the Gateway programme work. You are the people who make education come to life in the eyes of these students – you make the links to the real world – you inspire our students and give them the motivation to achieve.

A special mention to the Southland Institute of Technology who have worked very closely with the College to provide courses and support. This partnership has increased our flexibility and capability to be able to meet our students needs.

Thanks you to Michelle McCuin whose hard work, diligence and dedication are the glue that holds the programme together. Michelle has organised the placements, followed up with work place visits and show a genuine interest in the student’s welfare.

Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Year 13 NCEA Art Images

The Year 13 Art and Graphic Art portfolios are currently on display in the office foyer. They will be sent off to NZQA for marking. Miss Lyall is pleased with the creativity, originality and artistic standard demonstrated by the students' in their work.

Images from Deep Cove 8HY

Friday, 6 November 2009

Deep Cove 2009 1 - 5 November

Awesome, challenging, tiring, hilarious, amazing, soaking, muddy, sore legs and of course education describe this years 8BH Deep Cove adventure. The walk up Hanging Valley on the second day provided a highlight - all conquered this climb to above Kea's Cairn. Fishing was a challenge and very successful while having to fight off the natives. We saw some dolphins while on the cruise as well as a seal in the tailrace. We arrived back at school after five days exhausted, but well satisfied having met the challenges of the whole experience. A huge thanks to all the parents who travelled with us, a brilliant bunch. Well done to everyone.

Australian Maths Competition

This competition was held on 8 August 2009.

Congratulations to the following students who obtained Distinction Awards in this year's Australian Maths Competition.

Year 7: Conor O'Neill
Year 8: Brenna O'Neill
Year 12: Patrick Stone
Year 13: Ian Faithful


The annual SMACMATH competitions were held at JHC Gym complex on Wednesday 28 October. Two teams at each level of year 7, 8 9 and 10 participated with credit, achieving scores near the top end of the competition. One of the year 7 teams finished 3rd equal and one of the teams at year 8 finished 2nd equal and both were involved in a playoff. As a result of this, the year 7 team was placed 4th and the year 8 team placed 3rd.

Members of the third placed team were: Gracey Farquharson, Oliver McLean, Brenna O'Neill and Nathaniel O'Neill.

Well done to other team participants:

Year Seven: Louis Earl, Hannah Lieshout, Nicole Morgan, Emma Morton, Conor O'Neill, Toni Shierlaw, Jacob Thomson, Tina Wright
Year Eight: Tomas Adams, James Humm, Amber Kidd-Mclean, Michael Preddy
Year Nine: Thomas Farquharson, Hannah Grindlay, Dermot Hughes, Christine Lieshout, Andrew O'Brien, Stephen O'Brien, Ella Prendergast, Danielle Shierlaw
Year Ten: Liam Cosgrove, Joshua Cunningham, Ryan Faithful, Oliver Fry, Jesse Johnson, Michael Kelly, James Shirley Ben Williams

Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Duke of Edinburgh Tramp

The Year 9 and 10 Bronze Duke of Edinburgh Award candidates tramped into the Kiwi Burn over the weekend. Perfect weather helped to make the challenge enjoyable. Thank you to Mr Olsen and Mrs Kilsby for their help.

Blues Assembly 2009

The 2009 Blues Awards were presented at a special assembly this week. Family and friends supported the students as they received these coveted awards. Blues recipients and guests, joined the staff for morning tea in the staff room.


Allanah Cunningham

Emily Stevens

Iain Faithful

Stephanie McRae

Cody Shuttleworth

Tabea Eisenring


Emily Mason

Atrayl Elliott-Roderique

Patrick Stone

Tim Lindsay

Charles More


Kendall McMinn

Gemma Roberts

Rosie Brown


Sean Adam


Sam Shannon

Isaac Fleury


Chas Monaghan

Michael Tattersfield


Charles More

Iain Faithful


Rebecca Smith

Tess-Ana Leatherby


Douglas Sekone-Fraser


Lexi Monaghan-Neutze


Charles More

Tim Lindsay

Allanah Cunningham


Cody Shuttleworth


Braydon Macdonald