Wednesday, 28 March 2007

Bluff Marae Visit

On Tuesday 20 March, 901 and 902 made a trip to the Bluff Marae. Here are some of 902's thoughts on the overnight stay.

Also check out the photos of their stay!

The trip to the marae was a new experience. I had never been to a marae before, and I must admit I wasn't really looking forward to it at first.I liked all the carvings, they were really well done with bright colours and full of stories that were interesting to hear.

Getting the crabs was fun! I caught two, a big one and a small one. I also got wet feet in the process. It was also funny listening to all the people shriek at the crabs when someone teased them with one.

I liked doing the art that night, and the games were fun as well. The games proved, once again, that girls are better than guys!

The Glory Walk the next day was hard, but fun. My legs were really sore, and we had to wait out in the cold for the bus to come.

It was a really great experience, and it was a lot better than I thought it would be.

Holly Harrex

The marae trip was different to any camp I have ever been on.

The meeting house was amazingly colourful and full of stories. The artwork was amazing, and the people's hospitality was great. It was kind of strange that both classes had to sleep in the same room, but nevertheless it wasn't a bad night's sleep. Well, apart from Hr Hartley continuously snoring!

Becky Leishout

We learned about the carvings in the meeting house, and also the patterns on the wall. In the evening we discussed the symbols and objects hanging from the roof. They were about Maui, the sun, birds, the sea, and other things.

Kadin Boyle

I liked the visit to the freezer and the crab hunting. The artwork in the marae was cool. I didn't get much sleep though, and I'm real tired now.

The marae was much better than I expected. It was a good experience. I wish it could have gone for longer because one night wasn't very long. The food was good as well.

I would love to go again.

Olivia King