Friday, 6 November 2009


The annual SMACMATH competitions were held at JHC Gym complex on Wednesday 28 October. Two teams at each level of year 7, 8 9 and 10 participated with credit, achieving scores near the top end of the competition. One of the year 7 teams finished 3rd equal and one of the teams at year 8 finished 2nd equal and both were involved in a playoff. As a result of this, the year 7 team was placed 4th and the year 8 team placed 3rd.

Members of the third placed team were: Gracey Farquharson, Oliver McLean, Brenna O'Neill and Nathaniel O'Neill.

Well done to other team participants:

Year Seven: Louis Earl, Hannah Lieshout, Nicole Morgan, Emma Morton, Conor O'Neill, Toni Shierlaw, Jacob Thomson, Tina Wright
Year Eight: Tomas Adams, James Humm, Amber Kidd-Mclean, Michael Preddy
Year Nine: Thomas Farquharson, Hannah Grindlay, Dermot Hughes, Christine Lieshout, Andrew O'Brien, Stephen O'Brien, Ella Prendergast, Danielle Shierlaw
Year Ten: Liam Cosgrove, Joshua Cunningham, Ryan Faithful, Oliver Fry, Jesse Johnson, Michael Kelly, James Shirley Ben Williams