Friday, 13 November 2009

Gateway 2009

On Thursday evening, Michelle McCuin hosted the Gateway end of year function in the Marist Pavilion. Students, Parents and Gateway providers gathered to celebrate the years achievements.

A huge thanks to all of our business partners for your support and commitment to making the Gateway programme work. You are the people who make education come to life in the eyes of these students – you make the links to the real world – you inspire our students and give them the motivation to achieve.

A special mention to the Southland Institute of Technology who have worked very closely with the College to provide courses and support. This partnership has increased our flexibility and capability to be able to meet our students needs.

Thanks you to Michelle McCuin whose hard work, diligence and dedication are the glue that holds the programme together. Michelle has organised the placements, followed up with work place visits and show a genuine interest in the student’s welfare.