Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Inter-School Debating Competition

The Southland Secondary Schools Debating competition was held on the 16th of August at Southland Boys' High School. Verdon had 5 teams, of 3 students each, attending the event. They were assisted with the prepared speeches by Mrs Connolly, Mrs Crawford, Mr and Mrs Mile, Mrs More, Mrs Van and many supportive parents. Their help was greatly appreciated.

Each team had to do three or more debates. The juniors had prepared debates while the Seniors had a minimum preparation time of 30 minutes. Each of our teams made it into the semi- finals but unfortunately none were able to proceed further in the competition.

A high level of participation, pride and etiquette was maintained throughout the day even though it was sometimes irritating when the adjudicator saw things a different way or we could not get our points across. Overall it was a fun day and a good experience for everyone involved especially for the younger members on the Verdon team.

Hopefully we have the same amount of interest next year! And next year we will win!
Patrick Stone