Friday, 9 July 2010

Vote for Me

!Please vote for me!

Hello, my name is Jennifer McDowell.

I am born and bred in Invercargill but I am currently in South Africa studying to get my masters degree in Forensic Anthropology at the University of Pretoria. (I study human skeletons from crime scenes to determine sex, age, ancestry and possible cause of death – CSI stuff)

I have applied for a scholarship for 2011 with AMP. This year there is a people’s choice award.
The one with the most votes before 31 July will win.

I have always loved and been proud of the way Invercargillites support each other and now I need your help. I need about 4000 votes to win, and I really need this.

It literally takes only 1 minute to vote
Please go on to the site below and vote for me.
*On the right hand side there is a search field
*Enter Jennifer McDowell and click find an applicant
*My profile will appear with an orange vote button above it.
* All you need to do is click that button.
I truly appreciate it.