Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Hillary Awards for Academic Endeavour

At the junior assembly held on Tuesday, The Hillary Awards for Academic Endeavour were presented by Mr Olsen. The certificate, together with a token $5 note, was in recognition of the hard work that these students have displayed in their study during the year. The award was not simply about rewarding God given talent, but instead seeks to reward those who have made the most of their talents.

Year 7
Shelley Mitchell
Christopher Hoffman
Tapani Maka
Jennifer Thomson

Year 8
Toni Shierlaw
Hannah McLean
Aleisha Hawkins
Emma Morton
Hannah Lieshout
Andrew Miles
Meg Kelly
Louis Earl
Sarah MacManus

Year 9
Hayden Sims
Tomas Adams
Ashlyn Gallagher
Rebecca Ellis
Zach Fonoti
Clarissa Koroiadi
Brittini Thomson
Nat O’Neill
Ashlyn Gallagher
Gabriel Winders
Samuel Rillstone
Taylor Swan

Year 10
Jessica Birch
Taylor LeBreton
Jayden Crooks
Georgia Fleury
Tayla Kilsby
Ben Simpson
Kelsi Ridden
Sammy Seau