Monday, 9 June 2008


Thanks Coach, without you there wouldn't be a game. As a coach, you help make sport happen in our community. Coaching is about sharing your knowledge and experience, about making sport fun and giving everyone a go. It's about teaching discipline, fair play and skills that will help athletes in all aspects of their lives. You will play an important role in making sure your athletes learn to enjoy sport.

When ever you are coaching sports, consider the following:
Children of all ages are interested in four things when they play sport
Action - Children like lots of action, i.e. lots of running, hitting, catching, shooting, scoring and so on.
Personal involvement - Children want to be involved in the action, not sitting on the bench or waiting in line for their turn.
Close competition and challenges matching their skills - Close scores make games exciting and lopsided scores make them boring.
Opportunities to reaffirm their friendships - This is demonstrated in the way teams are chosen and the strategies children use during games. They often develop long lasting friendships through their participation in sport.

Go online for Watties Vollunteer Coach of the Year Awards and nominate your coach.