Monday, 16 June 2008

Kavanagh College Visit

Next Wednesday 25th June, Kavanagh College is scheduled to visit our school in the annual Verdon - Kavanagh College inter-school. The teams involved are the Rugby 1st XV, Boys Soccer 1st XI, Boys Hockey 1st XI, Netball Senior A, Year 10 A & Year 9 A Netball. If your child is involved please ensure you recieved a letter, $5 is required from each student involved to put towards afternoon tea. The visitors are schedualed to arrive around 10.30am. Students are to come to school as usual, dressed in school uniform, they may change for their game but must be dressed in uniform again for the afternoon tea.

  • Soccer 11.30am kick off at Verdon College
  • Hockey 11.30am start at Queens Park Hockey Turf
  • Year 9A Netball 12pm* start at Stadium Southland Velodrome
  • Year 10A Netball 1pm* start at Stadium Southland Velodrome
  • Senior A Netball 12pm* start at Stadium Southland Velodrome
  • Rugby 1pm Kickoff at Verdon College

*Please note that this has changed (19th June)

Afternoon tea is schedualed for 2.30pm at the College, please report to the office on your arrival, all parents are welcome to attend. Kavanagh College teams will depart at 3pm.