Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Religious Education Fair Results

Students receiving their awards at the conclusion of Patronal Day Mass held on Friday 19 August

1st Placegetters—Congratulations to you all.
Year 7 Written Research—Connor Hillis
Year 7 Poster—Chelsea Cosgrove
Year 7 3D Display—Connor Hillis
Year 7 Music—Sinaenae Tolai
Year 7 Drama—Shepherds and Angels—Tilly van Eeden, Maria Sutherland, Helene O’Neill and Jennifer Stone
Year 8 Poster—Isabella Collins
Year 8 3D Display Nola Cassidy and Sarayha McDonald
Year 8 Illustrated Bible Passage—Bronte Adams and Samantha Keene
Year 8 Drama Puppets—Shelley Mitchell and Madison Brown
Year 8 Drama Jesus Heals a Boy—Jean-Martin Fabre, Liam van Eeden and Jack Baird
Year 9 3D Display—Hannah Arnold and Shania Frewen
Year 9 Written Research—Toni Shierlaw and Toni Hanning
Year 9 Song Make a Change—Charlotte Lee, Nicole Morgan, Brodiee Hubbard, Katie Robertson, Jess Brown and Hannah McLean
Year 9 ICT—Tina Wright
Year 10 Written Research—Clarissa Koroiadi and Cellina Cabuyao
Year 10 Posters—Jack King
Year 10 3D Display- Natasha Frewen and Tori Batt
Year 10 Drama—Death of John the Baptist—Shaun Swain, Tomas Adams, Amber Watson, Kameron Corbin and Samuel Rillstone.