Friday, 15 October 2010

Verdon College Banner

Erin Young is well known in the St Theresa's community for her magnificent patchwork and now Verdon College has been fortunate to have received one of her wonderful creations . Erin has created a new banner for Verdon College to replace our tired banner which was made for the school at least fifteen years ago by Kathy Ryder. As well as the new banner we have also received as Erin calls it a 'pinney' for our rostrum. The College community provided the finances for the materials used in the banners but the hours and hours of work put into the new banners was a labour of love by Erin. Erin and Alister have had a long association with Catholic education in Invercargill. Erin was educated by the Dominican nuns at St Catherine's (nee Crawford) and Alister went to Marist. Their three daughters (Jane, Gretchen and Alison) all went to St Catherines and their son David went to Marist. Verdon College is very grateful to receive this wonderful gift.