Friday, 28 May 2010

Sporting Teams Code of Responsibilities

You and Your Coach

The coaching role is a very important one and mutual co-operation to help you improve your game and reach your potential will assist the coach in reaching theirs.
An effective Coach – Player relationship is very satisfying.
Coaching takes a lot of time and effort and is mostly done in a voluntary role. People coach because they like you and the sport they are coaching. Coaches like to see players able to participate and enjoy their sport. The coaching role is a skilled job and involves many responsibilities.

Coach Responsibilities Include:
  • Understanding players, their goals and aspirations.
  • Taking opportunities to up-skill themselves.
  • Teaching skills and tactics.
  • Moulding a team into a motivated and co-operative group.
  • Giving praise and effective feedback.
  • Making training and playing enjoyable.
  • Providing opportunities for players to reach their potential.
How Can You Assist Your Coach:
  • Involve yourself wholeheartedly in trainings and games.
  • Follow team protocols e.g. punctuality, dress code, training and game day routines.
  • Assist in setting up and packing away of equipment.
  • Listen carefully and follow directions quickly and quietly so training is efficient and beneficial to everyone concerned.
  • Focus in and do not be distracted.
  • Listen to your coaches advice and put it into practice.
  • Always inform your coach if you are unable to attend trainings or games.
  • Communicate with your coach.
  • If you do not understand or are unhappy with some aspects of your game or trainings, talk to your coach about it.
  • Provide your coach with thoughtful feedback.
  • Be tolerant – If your coach makes the odd mistake or is sometimes tired and irritated remember it is a voluntary job often done in their spare time.
  • Coaches, like players, are only human.
  • Appreciate what your coaches are doing for you. A “thank you” goes a long way.
How you relate to your coach will determine how quickly you learn the skills and tactics and how much you enjoy playing your sport.

Mrs Broughton