Friday, 5 February 2010

HPV Immunisation 2010

This year HPV immunisation at school will be offered free to all girls year 8 and above. Forms will be sent home shortly so please watch out for these. If your daughter received the Immunisation at school last year please disregard the form when it arrives. If your daughter received the immunisation elsewhere last year please indicate this on the appropriate part of the form and return so we can update our record. If you do not want your daughter to receive the vaccine at school, please complete the decline section of the form and return to school. The HPV team are more than happy to answer any questions you may have and welcome your calls. Please phone 03 2146436 or 0800 800 249.
If your daughter is receiving the immunisation at school we encourage her to have breakfast as this helps reduce anxiety and feeling unwell post immunisation.
Please note this is the last year the immunization will be offered to girls in year 9 and above in the schools. From 2011 it will be a year 8 programme only. Older eligible girls will still be able to receive the free vaccine but will need to visit their GP or similar health clinic to do so.