Monday, 25 August 2008

Religious Education Festival

Congratulations to those students who were awarded prizes for their entries in the annual RE Fair. The achievement of these student’s was recognised with a presentation of book vouchers at the Patronal Day Mass. The entries have been displayed in a number of the contribution parish churches. Thank you to Mrs Crawford for her work co-ordinating this event.

Results from RE Festival

Year 7: 1st Jack King; 2nd Sian Hughes; 3rd Equal Katrina Carpenter and Tanisha Morgan-Wohlers.
Year 8: 1st Ella Prendergast; 2nd Anna Marie Baker; 3rd equal Jayden Crooks and Christopher Lieshout.
Year 9: 1st Arpege Bragg

Year 7: 1st Sophie McLean 7AD; 2nd Samuel Rillstone 7AD; 3rd equal Brodie Crooks 7AD and Josh Griffiths.
Year 8: 1st Dermot Hughes, Scott McDonald, Vaughan Mussen 8SM; 2nd Georgia Macdonald 8JS; 3rd equal Sean Goffin, Taylor Beckham 8KM and Robert Lindsay and Andrew O’Brien 8KM.
Year 9: 1st Alex Kitson, Joanne Taningco; 2nd Ashleigh Frewen, Ashleigh MacDougall 903; 3rd equal Shanice Dunn, Mechaela Bruce and Kaley Williams.
Year 10: Highly Commended Alex, Michael, Caitlin and Nick.

Written Research
Year 7: 1st Grace Dowling 7AD; 2nd Sean Bragg 7MO.
Year 10: 1st Meg Prendergast

Year 8: 1st Bonna Salomeo, Eilish Duggan, Danielle Shierlaw, Pagan Parkes 8SM; 2nd Katherine Edwards, Jacob Turnhout, Alex Keen, Cody Watkinson; 3rd Candice Dyer 8JS
Year 9: 1st Kerryn Olsen, Brittany Sinclair 903; 2nd Greta Melvin, Grace Dunn, Joe Lodge, Lucy Heenan, Sam Short, Shannon Haynes 901.
Year 10: 1st Lauren Archer

Illustrated Bible Passage
Year 7: 1st Brodie Vermeulen; 2nd Shontae Oudhoff; 3rd Fusi Maka

Year 8: 1st Taylor le Breton, Eleanor Morrison.
Year 9: 1st Izak Lal, Connor Harwood
Year 10: 1st Rebecca Lieshout, Holly Harrex

Year 9: 1st Liam Hogan

Year 11 Quiz
1st equal Atrayl Elliot-Roderique and Megan Gooding.