Tuesday, 8 May 2007

J Rock

Year 7 and 8s from Verdon College entered J Rock (Junior Stage Challenge) which was held at the Civic Theatre on Friday 27 April. Each school had to perform a 5-8 minute performance based on an original theme. We chose Sports Day. This involved many practices directed by Mrs Mason. Our dance scene was choreographed by Emily Lough. Emily was helped by Meg Prendergast and Brianna Parkes at practices.

When the performance day came we had to go to school and get on a bus at 9:20am. We had a fun filled morning with music, dancing and fun sports activities. It was then time to put our costumes on and ‘settle down’ ready for our stage performance.

Before we went on stage we had to get our faces painted in our house colour. Then it was our turn. Everyone was so excited and nervous but we did incredibly well and got 6 awards of excellence for performance skill, stage use, choreography, visual enhancement, soundtrack and concept.

Photos of the performance can be found by clicking the picture above.

Lucy Heenan and Greta Melvin